About me

Hello, my name is Jonas. Currently I work as an IT Consultant and Software Developer at codecentric AG in Solingen. I am passionate about solving problems related to software and people. The search for the right approach to solving problems puzzles me on a technological, human and organizational level. On the path of eternal learning I prefer to work in communicative, open and bright teams. Agile and maker mindset over meetings, flat hierarchies over leading positions and ivory towers - that is where I feel safe and productive.

Let’s Speak Tech

Technologically, I am somewhere between modern JVM languages and the JavaScript & TypeScript universe. I prefer a good mix of object-oriented and functional programming and stand in for Clean Code. Since I strongly believe in ideas like T-Shaped People and DevOps, I work in the backend, frontend as well as the infrastructure and delivery of software. I like to work with technologies such as React, Node.js, Spring, Express.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, GitlabCI, Travis and many more. Every now and then I contribute to open-source software on Github or publish tiny tools myself.


I’ve been interested in information security since I caught the first keylogger from an ICQ contact back then. Not much has changed since then. IT systems still have lots of tricky vulnerabilities that developers have to pay the utmost attention to. Especially when software tends to be developed faster and faster nowadays. That’s why I attach great importance to sensitizing teams to IT security, consolidating the basics and taking appropriate countermeasures against cyber security threats in an iterative approach. Ethical hacking, penetration testing and CTF (Capture the Flag) help me to understand acute threats and motivations of hackers and to take countermeasures in application development.

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Blockchain Everywhere

The topic around blockchain, distributed ledger technology and Bitcoin has fascinated me since the beginning of 2016. Even though it is mostly controversially discussed and misunderstood, I am still interested in the motivation and technical challenge behind decentralized systems and even crypto currencies. Should this technology mean only one percent more fairness, transparency or privacy in our complicated world, I will be satisfied. Although I am interested in blockchain, I do not call myself an enthusiast, evangelist or anything like that.

Besides doing IT

I spend a lot of my free time with electric guitars, heavy metal music, fitness and biking. Besides that I love to spend time with my girlfriend, family and friends. Inside me I would like to save the world so I’m trying to live a more environmentally friendly life. It is not easy but I try to avoid eating meat, get rid of my car and not waste plastic.

codecentric AG

We are always searching for IT, software development and agility professionals to work for one of our 14 branches in Germany, The Netherlands, Serbia and Bosnia. Find out about codecentric on our website.

Why should you consider working for codecentric?

  • Focus on self-determination: Competence enables you to jump into pretty much every role
  • 20% time model: There are around 20% of your working time for education, internal projects etc.
  • Real expert knowledge: Cross-functional knowledge and specialization (“T-shaped People”)
  • Events, feelgood management, home office, company car, smartphone and laptop and lots more
  • Great colleagues, projects & customers. As few travel as possible. Technology leadership.
  • Flat hierarchies, agile mindset, thought leadership and team spirit everywhere

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested or have questions. From an employee perspective, I would be happy to help you out, too!


Find me and my identity proofs on Keybase.io. I look forward to hearing from you.