My name is Jonas and I am working as an IT Consultant and Software Engineer at codecentric AG in Solingen. I love working with technologies from the Java and JavaScript ecosystems and to learn new things. Especially I am fired up for agile, communicative and productive working atmospheres – Maker Mindset over meetings. Besides working for customers, I am discovering the world of blockchain, smart contracts, IoT/micro-payments and cryptocurrencies. I see a chance for it to become a part of our future and a better world.

I love my profession, company and everything around it so I started this tiny blog to write about my opinions, experiences and solutions from time to time.

codecentric AG

We are always searching for IT and Agile professionals to work for one of our 14 branches in Germany, The Netherlands, Serbia and Bosnia Herzegowina. Find out about codecentric on our website.

Why you should consider working for codecentric:

  • Own choice of methodical and technical role
  • 4+1 model: One day per week for training and education
  • Real expert knowledge: Cross-functional knowledge and specialization (“T-shaped People”)
  • Events, Feelgood Management, home office, company car, smartphone and laptop and lots more
  • Great projects, few required travels, technical leadership
  • Flat hierarchies, Agility, Thought Leadership, team spirit everywhere!

Don’t hesitate to contact the company if you are interested or have questions. From an employee perspective, you’re always welcome to ask me, too.


You’ll find a way to contact me without the risk of getting my email address spammed by bots, isn’t it?